Matt Murphy

Name: Matt Murphy

Occupation: Project Controls Specialist

Age: 30

Hometown: Spring City, TN

Twitter: @murphy_sons

Title of my autobiography: Lord, HEEEEEEELLLP

One thing I can’t live without: Social Media

Beverage of Choice: Michelob Light

Entrance song if I was a wrestler: The Dukes of Hazzard Theme Song

Most embarrassing song you own: 22 by Taylor Swift

The first word that comes to mind when you see an Affliction t-shirt: Yeah, right.

Class of Racing: Crate Late Model

Type of Chassis: 2007 Trak Star

I do what I do because: I love everything about it. Every time I sit behind the wheel, I’m living a dream!

If I could change anything about racing, I would: bar any cheaters, for life.

Favorite Track: Spring City Speedway

Photo by Spring City Speedway

Favorite Driver: Randy Weaver

Favorite food at the track: BBQ Samich